giovedì 30 agosto 2012

With a little help from my friend...

Bene, fa un pò meno caldo e siamo tornati al lavoro. Nel giro di tre giorni, con l'aiuto determinante di Claudio ai pennelli, abbiamo praticamente finito il campo di battaglia. Anche se la vernice si sta ancora asciugando, non ho resistito alla tentazione di scattare qualche foto e postarla qui. Manca ancora la maggior parte degli alberi ed i villaggi, ma il più è fatto. Siamo veramente soddisfatti del risultato!

La Grande Ridotta
Le Fleches

Borodino visto da dietro la Grande Ridotta

Well, it is a little less hot and went back to work. Within three days, with the decisive help of Claudio to brushes, we have almost finished the battlefield. Even if the paint is still drying, I could not resist to the temptation to take some pictures and post them here. Still lacks most of the trees and the villages, but the worst is over. We are very satisfied with the result!

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  1. That is superb; an absolute work of art, congratulations!

  2. Have you done your Borodino game Lucca? If so, how did it go?

    You may like to compare your experiences with those of other groups (see links here to recent games on the bicentennial:


    1. The great battle is fixed for the last October weekend, from Friday to Sunday. Obviously I'll report the photos of the event! We'll have 14-15 players.

      I have visited a large number of sites about the games (yours included, obviously...) and I've been very encouraged in this indirect "challenge". I must say that I've seen a lot of fantastic tables in all scales and miniatures (your was with plastic figures, right? Great, it reminded me my first Airfix curaisseurs and french artillery, about one century ago... anyway, last century!) but probably the one that has really shoked me has been this one:
      Did you know it? I deem they are Australian, too.